Certified Engagement & Productivity Coach (CEPC) Program

~Connect. Inspire. Transcend!~


A transformative program designed to help team leaders master the art of inspiring teams to transcend current performance with sustained momentum!


Who should invest in CEPC program and what do they stand to gain?

  • Team Leaders seeking for a transformative program that will help them master the art of inspiring teams to transcend current performance with sustained momentum!
  • HR Managers /HR business Partners committed to building solid internal coaching capacity that will support embedding a sustainable coaching culture in their organizations

Quick Highlights of the CEPC Program…

Intended Participants:

  • Senior Team Leaders,
  • HR Managers,
  • HR Business Partners

Course Evaluation & Examination

  • Comprehensive Pre-engagement Vision Statement
  • 100% Class Attendance
  • Work-based Coaching practice (Minimum 10 hours)
  • Completion of Mandatory Observed Coaching
  • Completion of the Engagement and Productivity Value chain
  • Compilation and submission of a coaching management system
  • Completion of Peer Reviewed Transcend Project
  • Comprehensive Pre-engagement Vision Statement

Final Practical ICF Certification Examination


  • 12 weeks, 6 phases(including live training, coaching practice and Transcend project + Final ICF Certification Examination)

Registration Deadline for the Next Class 

  • 28th May 2018

Start Date

  • 4th June, 2018

Estimated End Date

  • 17th August, 2018

Program Structure

    • Phase 1 (Off-site): Pre-engagement Vision Casting – Establishing Team’s Engagement and Productivity Metrics (EPM’s)
    • Phase 2 (LIVE class): 3 consecutive days of live training on professional coaching fundamentals
    • Phase 3 (REMOTE): 5 weeks of supported work -based coaching
    • Phase 4 (LIVE class): 3days of advanced training on coaching for engagement and productivity
    • Phase 5 (REMOTE): 5 weeks of advanced team coaching practice at the workplace + Transcend project
    • Phase 6 (LIVE class): 1 day – Transcend Project presentation and Peer Review & feedback + Final Coaching Examination

Exact Calendar for Next Intake

  • Phase 1: (Remote pre-work) 21st -31st May, 2018
  • Phase 2: (3 days) 4th  – 6th June, 2018
  • Phase 3: 5 Weeks of Work-based Coaching Practice
  • Phase 4: (3 days) 16th – 18th July,  2018
  • Phase 5: 5 Weeks of Work-based Coaching Practice
  • Phase 6: (1 day) 17th August,2018

Note: Phases 3 & 5 involve guided coaching practice and project (see program structure)

Training Language

  • Strictly English

International Rating

  • 60 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) with International Coach Federation (ICF)


Class size

  • Limited Class Size as per ICF Standards

Venue of classes

  • Fairview Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

 Your Investment

Kes. 450,000 (exclusive of 16% VAT).

  • This covers tuition, admin costs, project review, coaching observation, 4 group-mentor coaching hours, final examination and graduation fees.
  • Note: Instalment Payment Plans available STRICTLY for self-sponsored students. Please contact us for details

CEPC Program Curriculum: 3 Comprehensive Modules + 3 Optional Tracks

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Module 1: Professional Coaching Fundamentals
Module 2: Team Leader as a Coach
Module 3: The Transcend Project - Designing Engagement & Productivity Coaching Value Chain
Exactly what you receive: The Total Package + Bonuses