Why CDI-Africa

Why CDI-Africa

...Advancing the Coaching Profession

1. International Accreditation:

  All our programs are Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

2. Highest Professional Standards:

All our trainers hold international coaching credentials and are experienced practitioners.

3. Professional Track Record:

For 14 years, we have delivered transformational programs across all sectors.

4. Learning & Implementation Support:

Our team is 95% local ; we give our clients maximum support when they need it.

5. Experiential Learning:

Staggered, Practical delivery methodology for maximum impact.

6. Tested Methodology:

  Our tools and methodology are well tested.

7. Cultural & Contextual fit:

Our programs content and delivery are designed with African context in mind yet anchored on global standards.

8. One-Stop-Centre:

Coaching, coach training, mentor-coaching, technical advisory, resources, community of practice.

9. Best Value Option:

Most comprehensive, responsive and impactful coaching solutions that make a true difference in our society.

10. Partnership Opportunities:

Our programs are customized to suit local needs while remaining anchored on global standards. Additionally, our approaches and tools are tried and tested to ensure accelerated and sustainable transformation;