Why CDI-Africa

...Advancing the Coaching Profession

1. Our Highest Professional Standards

All our trainers hold international coaching credentials and experienced practitioners with exceptional performance track records;

2. We are a Local Industry Leader

Our founders were among the initial pioneers of the coaching profession in Kenya and East Africa, including the set-up of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Kenya Chapter;

3. Our Track Record

We have coached hundreds of managers and trained professional coaches who are now certified and members of good standing with ICF. CDI- Africa is a local reference point for upcoming coaches and organizations endeavouring to embed a workplace coaching culture. For close to a decade and worked with leading organizations and leaders, our tools and methodology are well tested;

4. Our Quality Control (QC) Rigor

We have established rigorous performance and quality control standards which are unparalleled and non-negotiable. You can always be assured of the exemplary and consistent standard!

5. Our Responsive Delivery Methodologies

We offer a flexible blend of training, coaching, mentoring and consulting which ultimately offers optimal value to our different types of clientele. Our clients’ current and emerging priorities determine the approach and scope of our intervention. This kind of flexibility enables us to serve diverse regional clientele in the most efficient, effective and responsive way, and that makes the greatest impacts!

6. Our Structured on-going Support and Resources

We are renowned for long-term follow-up and support and providing rich resources for continuous learning and development. We settle for nothing short of evident and sustainable results. Additionally, through our huge network, we offer numerous opportunities for learning, sharing experiences and mentoring. Our team is 90% native and based in Kenya meaning that we give you maximum support when you need it most;

7. Global Recognition

Our courses and coaching programs have global recognition through alignment and accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF);

8. Experiential Learning Orientation

Our programs are staggered with a blend of theory and practice to maximize learning and cause real, felt and sustainable transformation;

9. Global Networking

We facilitate exposure to international coaching standards through our global network;

10. Cultural & Contextual fit

Our programs are customized to suit local needs while remaining anchored on global standards. Additionally, our approaches and tools are tried and tested to ensure accelerated and sustainable transformation;

11. One-Stop-Centre

When you partner with us, you get coach training and specialize in a discipline of choice, access mentoring from real practitioners, access technical advisory, resources and join our learning community… all under one roof!

12. Best Value Option

True to our business motto – “Advancing the Coaching Profession” – we are undeniably the best value coaching and coach trainer in the region. We make coach training affordable so that we can multiply professional coaches for the region and make a true difference in our society at large!