Become a Certified Professional Coach In 2022!

We are an Africa-inspired coaching and leadership development organization with global standards, mindset, and outlook.

For the last 14 years, we have steered the agenda of advancing the coaching in Africa. We are a thought leader in matters coaching and a reference point of coaching across the region.

We are Africa's one-stop centre for all your coaching and leadership development needs including:

  • Foundational Coach Training Programs.
  • Global Coaching Diploma Programs.
  • Advanced Mastery Coaching Programs.

  • Executive coaching.
  • Leadership coaching.
  • Business coaching.
  • Team coaching.
  • Other specialized and customized coaching services.

    We partner with organizations to embed a sustainable coaching culture through:
    • Team Coaching.
    • Certification of Internal Coaches.
    • Coaching Skills for Team Leaders.
    • Technical Advisory Services.
    • Coaching Strategy, Systems and Structures.
    • Culture Change Training.
    • Customized ToT Programs.

  • Executive Mastermind Forum.
  • Remote Team Engagement for Productivity.
  • Leading with Coaching and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Leading through VUCA.
  • Customized Leadership Programs.

    Our prioritized leadership assessments include:
    • Geno’s Emotional Intelligence (EI) suite.
    • Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) suite.
    • Clarity 4D Assessment.

Transformation is at the core of our DNA and value system.

All our services are offered with the highest professional and world class standards. We believe in transformation from within the soul of the being because this is the only way to achieve sustainable change. The clients who engage us therefore sign up for a lifetime transformation and not just a one time transaction.

Our transformational coaching and leadership development programs are customized for:

  • Aspiring coaches seeking global certifications.
  • Coaches seeking to advance their credentials.
  • Organizations seeking to embrace and embed a coaching culture.
  • Organizations seeking for team productivity coaching.
  • Leaders seeking to advance their leadership competency.
  • Leaders seeking for executive, leadership or business or life coaching.

A new dawn

For Executive Coaching In Africa

CDI Coaching Group and Breakfast Club Africa partner to bring coaching to you 

and your organization to spur your growth.

Recent Coaching Endorsements​

In my assessment, coaching is certainly one of the most powerful ways of developing people. As a coach, it has helped me develop a certain curiosity that keeps me constantly learning and growing.
Jennifer Luseno
Certified Group and Team Coach (Group Head, Talent Management - Safal Group)
Coaching has made me more authentic and empathetic. I now approach situations and issues with caution and in consideration of all the outcomes.
Robert N. Gichohi
Certified Executive Leadership Coach (Director - Turner & Townsend)
I am more self aware as a leader, more aware of how I impact and influence those around me and have embraced a coaching centered way of leadership.
Gibson Anduvate
Certified Executive Leadership Coach (Senior Pastor - International Christian Centre Nairobi)

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