6 Pillars; 30 Dimensions, all Anchored on ICF Coaching Competency Model (2019)

Coaching Index

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The Coaching Index is a proprietary assessment tool developed by Eileen Laskar that is anchored on the ICF Coaching Competency Model (2019) and specifically assesses the coaching disposition and capability of leaders and leadership teams (based on CDI-Africa Coaching Group’s coaching competency framework for leaders). The tool also measures the coaching climate of the organization.

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  1. Are your leaders coaching? If yes, how much are they coaching?
  2. To what extent is coaching embedded in our organization? What progress have you made over the years?
  3. What’s the impact of coaching on engagement and productivity in your organization?


Finally, you can get objective feedback to the questions above and more as well as recommendations for development thanks to our revolutionary set of 2unique coaching-centered assessment tools:
  1. The Leader Coaching Index (LCI)
  2. The Organizational Coaching Index (OCI).
These tools are an outcome of heavy investment in research and development(R&D) work for over 5 years.
Further, in order to administer the above tools broadly and scale impact and transformation, we have developed a training and certification program for Global Coaching Index (GCI) Practitioners, being rolled out in 2021. Be amongst the first to earn this global certification that  uniquely positions you as a specialist in organizational coaching matters. 

Relevance and Validity of LCI, OCI and GCI Practitioner  Program

The LCI, OCI and GCI Practitioner program are all anchored on the International Coaching Federation (ICF) global coaching model (2019), with a special tweak to specifically address the priority coaching skills for leaders (based on CDI-Africa Coaching Group’s coaching competency framework for leaders which has 6 pillars and 30 measurable dimensions). The 6 pillars include:
  1. Leader’s Coaching Foundation
  2. Leader’s Trust Account
  3. Leader’s Presence for Active Listening
  4. Leader’s Capacity to Inspire Insight Creativity and Innovation
  5. Leader’s Ability to Facilitate Learning and Multiply Leaders
  6. Leader’s Ability to Scale Performance

Why Leader Coaching Index (LCI)?

The Leader coaching index provides every leader with a metric for their coaching mindset, skills and posture. This snapshot helps the leader determine their strengths and opportunities for growth toward maximizing their leadership potential.

Research has proven that leaders with a higher coaching index:


  • Consistently deliver higher performance through their teams.
  • Empower their teams and delegate more freeing their time to focus on strategic matters
  • Spur creativity and innovation everyday
  • Ignite greatness in others and keep them engaged, challenged and inspired
  • They nurture great relationships at work and beyond, and they build solid trust accounts.
  • Are super resilient and manage well under crisis and disruptions.
  • Are ultimately transformational in every aspect of their lives.
  • Enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment. 
Take this assessment, and get either 180 degrees OR 360 degrees feedback on your coaching index plus your specific strengths and your developmental opportunities. 

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Why Organizational Coaching Index (OCI)?

The OCI is a cumulative metric that helps you establish, monitor, and grow the coaching index of your organization. You are also able to effectively measure the extent to which coaching has been entrenched in your organization and the results therefrom.

Higher OCI guarantees the following benefits, amongst others:

  • Sustainable high performance. 
  • Consistent Creativity and innovation
  • Sustainable  leadership pipeline
  • A humane and great place to work
  • Succession planning at all levels 
  • Great customer experience 
  • Better management of disruptions and pivoting
  • High levels of Resilience
  • Better engagement of multi-generational workforce
Taking OCI helps you know your current strengths as an organization, identify what needs to be fixed next and design appropriate interventions to keep your OCI on a growth trajectory. 

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Global Coaching Index (GCI) Practitioner – An Advanced Coaching Program

Join the global league of GCI practitioners who are transforming organizational performance one leader at a time by helping leaders scale their coaching index and therefore their leadership effectiveness.

Target audience:

  • Internal organizational coaches
  • External organizational coaches

Eligibility Criteria

  • A certified coach who has completed at least 60 ACSTH program (other non -ICF certified coaches to be considered for eligibility through a bridging workshop)
  • 3 years coaching experience or ICF-ACC credential.
  • Experience working with organization either as an external or internal coach
  • Aspirations and capacity to work with senior leaders in organizations.
  • Facilitation skills are an added advantage.

Why become a Global Coaching Index (GCI) practitioner?

For External Organizational Coaches:

Becoming a GCI practitioner positions you as a global partner and expert for organizations seeking to embed coaching and empower their leaders to become the internal coaches for their teams. The GCI qualification does not only give you international credibility but also a passcode to the next level of coaching impact, transformation and business opportunities.  

With this certification, you will be able to:

  • Position yourself as an organizational coaching expert
  • Support organizations to measure their coaching index
  • Create coaching developmental plans for leaders based on their leader coaching index (LCI)
  • Develop systematic coaching development plans for organizations based on the organizational coaching Index (OCI)
  • Measure the impact of your coaching work which further builds on your credibility and offers a platform for next level interventions
  • Create a new recurring revenue line for your business.
  • Integrate coaching index with your existing training and coaching initiatives for greater impact

For Internal Organizational Coaches:

As an internal coach, this GCI Practitioner certification empowers and equips you to facilitate a progressive entrenchment of the coaching culture in your organization.

With this certification, you are empowered to:

  1. Monitor and measure the coaching capability of your leaders and organization,
  2. Identify areas of development and design targeted coaching and leadership interventions.
  3. Entrench accountability for success and sustainability.

Quick Highlights of the Coaching Index Program

Exactly What you Receive: The Total Package

  • 7 Training Sessions
  • Leader Coaching Index (LCI) profile for self.
  • Coaching Index starter- pack (5 LCI Assessments Tokens, 180 Degrees version )
  • Supervised Practicum and feedback
  • Lifetime access to the Coaching Index Assessment Platform
  • Access to administrative support to deliver your assessments and generate reports.
  • Access to partnership opportunities with CDI-Africa Coaching Group

Scope of the Program

  • Coaching Foundation as per ICF Standards
  • Leader Coaching Index (LCI) – 6 Pillars and 30 Dimensions
  • Leader Coaching Index – Designing Actions for Development
  • Mastering the Debrief Process including managing Tricky Situations.
  • Practitioner Orientation, Practicum and Fieldwork

Total Contact Training Days: 

  • 3hr Virtual, Live Online Class Once a week for 7 consecutive weeks + the close-out session.

International Accreditation & Rating:  

  • Approved by International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Advanced Mastery Program.
  • Estimated Rating: 36 CCE’s

Your Investment:

  • Kes. 285,000 ($2,850) exclusive of 16% VAT. The fee covers tuition, admin costs, Practicum supervision. Installment Payment Plans: Available STRICTLY for self-sponsored students. Contact us for details

Our Training Philosophy & Approach

  • Our training methodology is guided by the International Coach Federation (ICF) standards and regulation
  • The trainers are  ICF credentialled coaches  and bound by ICF’s Professional Code of Ethics.
  • The program is staggered with in-built learning support to enhance practice and mastery.  

 Course Evaluation & Examination

  • Completion of all classes and assignments
  • Coaching Project : At least one supervised LCI group debrief and feedback 

Training Venue: 

  • Virtual live Online Training via zoom platform

Training Language:

  • Strictly English

Training Calendar

  • 14:00Hrs – 17:00Hrs (GMT +3) – East Africa Time
  • Onboarding Date:  17th August 2021

Class Size: 

  • Limited to a maximum of 16 Delegates (Strictly)

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