Recent Coaching Endorsements

In my assessment, coaching is certainly one of the most powerful ways of developing people. As a coach, it has helped me develop a certain curiosity that keeps me constantly learning and growing.
Jennifer Luseno
Group Head, Talent Management -Safal Group
Coaching has made me more authentic and empathetic. I now approach situations and issues with caution and in consideration of all the outcomes.
Robert N. Gichohi
Director - Turner & Townsend
I am more self aware as a leader, more aware of how I impact and influence those around me and have embraced a coaching centered way of leadership.
Gibson Anduvate
Senior Pastor - International Christian Centre Nairobi
The Coaching journey with CDI Africa Coaching Group has opened my eyes and ears to those around me. I have learnt that true professional Coaching is a gift to be bestowed on others wholeheartedly with the intention to support an individual to grow in multiple ways. I am learning and growing with my Clients.
Emma Crompton
People Consultant and Executive Coach - EFA People Consulting
Coaching has had a profound positive impact in my life as I consciously strive to become a better human being every day. It has enhanced my leadership disposition and essence, my emotional intelligence capabilities to be in service for people I interact with in all settings, at home, in my community and the marketplace everyday
Tamala Sarah Katherine Chirwa
CEO - Professional Coaching Institute
It has been an amazing transformational journey that has enriched my life greatly as coaching is now embedded in all conversations and the beginning of a new exciting professional journey to launch into. In addition, the coaching culture in the organization is exciting and benefitting all departments and cadre of staff.
Seintje Veldhuis
Regional Director Africa - Feed the Children
The coaching journey has made me a better listener ie quick to listen , slow to speak. Coaching made me appreciate that every human being is unique with God given dreams. It is humbling to experience God through the sessions and experience the transformations in Clients as they work towards their dreams. I have learnt to have deeper and more meaningful conversations be asking powerful questions.
Genevieve Audi Owuor-Alaro
Retail Banking Manager - National Bank
It has been very enthralling to see the positive impact that coaching engagements have had on a number of people at my previous job. I also feel humbled at the accolades I keep receiving for entrenching coaching training at ICEA LION.I feel inspired to rise to the highest levels of this noble professional, which I expect will be the central focus of my private practice.
Micah Mahinda
HR Consultant - Private Practice
At the core, coaching has reinforced my belief that people are capable, resourceful and full of potential. And therefore my role as a coach is to build their self-belief so that that they can achieve that potential.
Robert Gachoroba Githiri
Lead Coach and Consultant - BTC Coaching and Consulting Limited