Advanced Mastery Program: Group and Team Coach 

Advanced Mastery Program: Group and Team Coaching

~Accelerate Coaching… From one to many~


An advanced coach training program that builds your capability and confidence to create and coach teams and groups effectively, efficiently and sustainably!

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139Days 08Hours 15Minutes 41Seconds
Registration Deadline for Next Class  10th June 2022
Start Date for the Next Class 21st June 2022
Duration  Approx. 5 months
End Date  November 2022

Who should invest in CGTC program and what do they stand to gain?

  1. Team leaders who are coaches and leading big teams, Group and Team Coaching enables the coach to be able to spread their coaching delivery and maximize their team’s productivity while creating synergy and collaboration.
  2. Organizations’ internal or external 1-on-1 coaches looking to broaden their scope (over and above coaching on 1-on-1 basis). Coaching teams is significantly cheaper for organizations and for private practitioners, it pays more while increasing coaching impact.


With this credential, you are able to:

  • Develop the criteria and formula for constituting teams and Groups for coaching purposes
  • Understand the group and team coaching scenarios and their specific challenges
  • Understand the group and team coaching continuum and identification of the coach’s sweet spot for optimal impact
  • Understand the development/growth stages of teams and groups and the role of the coach in each of the stages
  • Gain clarity on the process and flow of effective group and team coaching.
  • Apply the ICF Core Competencies in the context of coaching teams and groups
  • Develop group and team coaching plans
  • Understand the facilitative role of the coach within a group/team coaching context
  • Develop optional tools  for enhancing team engagement
  • Manage dynamics and deal with tricky situations
  • Manage accountability in a team/ group context
  • Measure group and team coaching Impact

Quick Highlights of the CGTC Program…

  • Intended Participants:

    • Private Coaching Practitioners (External Coaches)
    • Internal Coaching Team Leaders

Class size

  • Limited to 12 delegates

Class Venue

  • Online via Zoom
  • Eligibility Criteria

    • ICF – certified coaches who previously completed 60 ACSTH
    • A minimum of 50 practice hours (paid + pro-bono)
    All applicants will also be required to undergo a pre-enrollment selection process to ascertain that CGTC is the right program for them. 

Your Investment


  • Kes. 435,000 / & 4,350 (exclusive of 16% VAT). This covers all the conferencing, tuition, practicum, examination and certification.

International Rating

  • Estimated at 55 ACSTH

Program Structure

    • Phase 1 ~ Pre-Work: this entails registration Assessment with the lead Trainer to check suitability and readiness using a set standard for team and group coaching.
    • Phase 2 ~ Live Training Session Online Training: Each delegate will attend approximately 11 Online 3 hour training sessions
    • Phase 3 ~ Group/Team Coaching Practicum: Each Delegate will have a minimum of 4 supervised group/team coaching sessions. This is aimed at building the practical group/team coaching capability as well as build their confidence beyond theory.
    • Phase 4 ~ Final Exam: This will entail a recorded audio for a group/team coaching session which will be reviewed by the designated examiner before final certification.

CGTC Program Curriculum: 3 Comprehensive Modules + 3 Optional Tracks

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Module 1: Group and Team Coaching Foundations

  •  Important Definitions and Distinctions
  • ICF Core Coaching Competencies in a Group/Team Coaching Context
  • Applying Competencies in a Group/Team Coaching Context
  • Exploring Group/Team Coaching Opportunities and the Structure

Module 2: Important Group and Team Coaching Mechanics
  • Beneficial Knowledge and Experiences
  • Stages for Group/Team Development and Related Dynamics
  • The Process Components of a Group/Team Coaching Engagement
  • Design Mechanics for Group/Team Coaching Programs
  • Plenary Discussions

  • Module 3: Tricky issues and strategies for success
    • Team and group coaching practice
    • Tricky issues
    • Managing Tricky  Issues
    • Designing the Group & Team Coaching Management System

    Module 4: Day 4/Module 3(B): Planning for Success, Impact and Sustainability

    • Guided Group Coaching Practice and Observations
    • Business Case for Coaching Many
    • Team Planning 
    • Actions for sustainability

    Bonus Sessions:

    • Pricing for a Group and Team Coaching assignment/project
    • Designing a signature group/team coaching/training program.


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