CBC Coaching Program

CBC Coaching Program

Communication |Collaboration |Creativity



What is the CBC Coaching Program?

A program specially designed to accelerate effective implementation of the CBC curriculum and  maximize the learning outcomes with optimal teacher-learner-parent collaboration



Specific Needs addressed by the CBC Coaching Program:

  • Change of mindset: help the stakeholders (especially teachers and parents) process the change and know what is expected of them, and how they need to change
  • Communication: The program empowers teachers and parents to adopt a communication style that ignites the greatness and uniqueness in each learner
  • Creativity: Provide the tools and approach to provoking and unlocking creativity, innovation and agility needed in the implementation of the program
  • Collaboration: The program provides a collaboration framework that ensures information flow and that  every party ( teacher, learner, parent) plays their role and brings contribution to the table
  • Critical Thinking: The Program  provides both the teachers and parents with the conversational tools and skills to enhance critical thinking and problem solving
  • Career Coaching: The program empowers teachers and parents to be able to coach learners along their career paths right from early age
  • Life-skills coaching: The program will empower teachers and parents be able to coach learners on broad life issues and therefore develop responsible citizenry.
  • Supervision and Performance Management: The program will support in enhancing and enabling supervision and performance management in the absence of the grading system.
  • Trainer of Trainer : The program has a component of training internal trainer of trainers for sustainability
  • International Certification: The Teachers will get a coaching certificate with international recognition for the hours trained. This is a big motivation for teachers.    
  • Business Continuity and sustainability: The program helps the school owners use the new CBC system as a differentiator for business sustainability – retention, advancement, parents and learners as ambassadors
  • Social Impact: All stakeholders will be contributing to a greater social impact – responsible, creative and empowered children, better families and society.  


Why integrate coaching in the implementation of the new CBC system?

Coaching is a profession, philosophy and a practice: As a profession, it’s been in existence for 25 years with CDI-Africa Coaching Group being one of the 1st pioneers in advancing coaching in Africa. As a philosophy, it is based on the mindset that people are knowledgeable, resourceful and have unlimited potential that needs unlocking.
At the heart of the coaching philosophy are the principles of communication, collaboration, creativity and creating awareness.  These very principles are the core outcomes that CBC system seeks to achieve.  Embedding coaching as an approach to learner instruction, the teachers, in collaboration with the parents will be able to maximize the value they derive from the CBC system, and with so much fun, ease, impact and sustainability. It will essentially become the way of life and no longer just a compliance to the Ministry of Education requirements.
 The set of coaching principles we bring to the schools becomes the toolbox with each of the 8 principles being a special tool for unlocking and maximizing learners’ potential.

The Integrated CBC Coaching Program


Program Lead Experts

Dr. RUTH MUTHEI JAMES:  Technical Advisor, CBC Coaching Program (Program Design and Implementation, Pedagogy Component)  

Ruth is an educator for the last 33 years both in High school and at the University. She’s currently a lecturer at Kenyatta University, teaching Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD Students. Besides teaching, she is also engaged in mentoring and coaching students in academic and career advancement.
Ruth has been in various leadership roles such as; Deputy Dean of Students, Curriculum Development and Examination Coordination. Besides the university career, Ruth has been/is a member of Board of Management of several high schools mainly in charge of Academics. More to this, Ruth is the Founder and CEO of Blossom Out Coaching & Consulting business that offers career coaching, transition coaching and life coaching mainly targeting schools and learning institutions. 

Qualifications, Credentials & Membership

  • Doctor of Philosophy – Kenyatta University (Kenya)
  • Founder and CEO of Blossom Out Coaching & Consulting
  • ICF -Certified organizational Effectiveness Coach (COEC
  • Certificate – Personal Development Institute (PDI)
  • Member, ICF, DAAD.

EILEEN LASKAR: Technical Advisor, CBC Coaching Program (Program Designer, Coaching Component)

For the last 13 years, Eileen has continued to pioneer in the field of professional coaching space in Eastern and Central Africa. In February 2020, she was recognized in the category of the 101 most fabulous coaching leaders by the World Coaching Congress (WCC) as a result of her thought-leadership and contribution to the coaching profession.  
In 2019, she convened the first Regional Coaching and Leadership Conference in Eastern Africa with a theme of “Weaving Coaching into the tapestry of our lives” and launched the “Eileen Laskar’s Coaching 360 Degrees Award”  to recognize coaches making impact in different sectors of the society. Education sector is one of the priority sectors given the impact it has on the rest of the society.
In  2018, she was awarded the world’s top most coaching credential – Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) positioning her as one of the top 10 coaches in Africa and in the top league of the top 1000 global coaches.
In 2009, she was recognized as one of the “Top 40 under 40” leaders with potential to influence organizations and society through her work in and thought leadership in coaching.
Eileen’s personal aspiration is to have coaching accessible 360 Degrees thereby maximizing human potential across all the major institutions of human interaction and development.

Qualifications, Credentials & Membership

  • Founder and CEO, CDI-Africa Coaching Group
  • (Leadership) – Walden University (USA)
  • ICF-Master Certified Coach (MCC)
  • Certified Executive Leadership Coach
  • ICF Global Mentor Coach
  • Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach
  • Certified Professional Career Coach
  • Former Board Chair and President- ICF-Kenya Chapter


Charles Tsuma: Education Expert and Facilitator, CBC Coaching Program

Over 24 years of teaching, subject coordination and institution management experience, having taught, led and coordinated in secondary schools and at tertiary level; The Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi (AKA, N) and Goethe Institute as teacher and tutor, Mt. Kenya Academy Senior School (MKASS), Nyeri and Nova Pioneer Tatu Boys as High School Principal, and Strathmore University as Assistant Lecturer;
Advanced experience in three (3) curricula, namely International Baccalaureate (I.B.), International General Certificate of Secondary Education IGCSE and the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E);
Firsthand experience in matters of Corporate Governance, having sat in and reported in Board of Director Meetings as well as Board committees as an ex-officio member;
Exposure in curriculum development: have been an active member of the task force charged with the duty of implementing the British National Curriculum at the Aga Khan Academy;

Qualifications, Credentials & Membership

  • Bachelor of Education, Arts
  • Master of Arts German Studies                             
  • Certified Professional Career Coach                  
  • Educational Administrator
  • Educator
  • Teacher Trainer
  • Teacher of English and Literature, German as a Foreign Language, and Theory of Knowledge (Epistemology)


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