Certified Group and Team Coach (CGTC)


Certified Group and Team Coach (CGTC)

~Accelerate Coaching… From one to many~


An advanced coach training program that builds your capability and confidence to create and coach teams and groups effectively, efficiently and sustainably!


Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Overall Objective: To build greater personal skill and confidence in your ability to create and effectively coach teams and groups.

The program will address main challenges for coaching making the transition from coaching individuals to coaching many which include:

  1. Understand the development/growth stages of teams and groups and the role of the coach in each of the stages;
  2. Clarity on foundations of effective group and team coaching;
  3. The facilitative role of coach within a group/team coaching context;
  4. Best practices including processes and tools for enhancing team engagement, managing dynamics, and dealing with tricky situations;
  5. How ICF Core Competencies apply to coaching teams and groups including managing progress and accountability in a team context.

Why Group/Team Coaching?

There are numerous benefits that come with team and group coaching

  1. Maximization of your time
  2. Group/team synergy
  3. Team cross-learning
  4. Team accountability
  5. Better team communication (internal)
  6. Emergence of peer mentorship opportunities
  7. Better return on your time investment (return per hour)
  8. Free your time to do other things as a coach

Quick Highlights of the CPSCo Program…


Target Group:

This program is specially designed for 2 Categories of people:

1. Private Coaching Practioners (External Coaches)

Those seeking to maximize on their time and expand their coaching outreach and impacts through coaching groups and teams.
2. Internal Coaching Team Leaders

Those seeking for structured approach and methodology to co-create a coaching environment with their teams and leverage their cumulative knowledge and experience to maximize team’s engagement and productivity.


Eligibility Criteria

1. ICF Credentialed coaches (ACC, PCC, and MCC); OR

2. Private Coaching Practioners who have already graduated from an ICF accredited program and have at least 50 hours for coaching practice.

Delivery Modality

The 4 Days’ Intensive program is packed with an optimal blend of theory and practice. You will have numerous opportunities for experiential learning through group coaching dialogue. You not only leave with the 3 days’ program with knowledge and tools; you will have had a chance to test and practice theories and concepts and take home real solutions generated through team coaching.

International Accreditation & Rating

  • 36 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) with International Coach Federation (ICF)


Logistical Details for the Next Intake

Registration Deadline: 1st July 2020

Program Duration: August 2020 – October 2020

Training Venue:To be Confirmed

Training Language: English

Class Size: Maximum 14 Delegates

Your Investment

  • Introductory offer – Kes. 215,000 (exclusive of 16% VAT).

Note: This covers all workshop costs

Option 1: Gold Plan – Pay full fee on or before the registration deadline and get 5% off

Option 2: Silver Plan – Pay 50% on or before the 29th of March and pay the balance on or before 26th April 2018.

Our Training Philosophy & Approach

  • Our training methodology is guided by the International Coach Federation (ICF) standards and regulation
  • All our trainers are accredited by the ICF and bound by ICF’s Professional Code of Ethics.
  • The program is staggered with in-built learning support to enhance practice and mastery of coaching competencies