Certified Organizational Coaching Champion (COCC) Program


A world-class ICF approved program specially designed for the strategic and trending HR professionals with a goal of helping them master the strategic pillars of embedding a sustainable coaching culture and therefore leverage on this transformational approach to unlock human capital in their respective organizations!


Program Outcomes

Participants gain the following:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of organizational coaching and the benefits it accrues to all the stakeholders;
  • Be able to prepare a strategic framework and an action plan for embedding coaching culture in their organizations

Quick Highlights of the COCC Program…

Intended Participants:

  • HR Directors
  • Heads of HR/ HR Managers
  • Leaning and Development Specialists
  • Organizational Development (OD) Specialists

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline
  • HR Management experience
  • A thorough knowledge of the Organization’s strategy


  • 3 Consecutive Days

Class Frequency

  • Frequency – 2 days every month (08:00AM – 04:00PM).

Class Attendance Options

  • Friday OR Saturday. See calendar for details

Total contact hours

  • 24 Hours of Live classes

International Rating

    • 10 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) with International Coach Federation (ICF)


Our Training Philosophy & Approach

  • Our training methodology is guided by the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics and standards of Ethical Conduct.
  • All our trainers are accredited by the ICF and bound by ICF’s professional code of ethics.

Course Evaluation & Examination

  • Development of an organization-specific framework for embedding a coaching culture with a respective action plan.

Registration Deadline for Next Class

  • 23rd January, 2016

Exact Dates for the Next Class

  • 2nd – 4th February, 2016

Class size

  • Limited Class Size

Venue of classes

  • Fairview Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

Training Language

  • Strictly English

Program Fees (Beginning 2016)

  • Kes. 85,000 (exclusive of 16% VAT).
  • This covers tuition + admin costs + project review
Why you MUST attend

  • Coaching is the NEW software for unlocking people’s potential;
  • Global High performing organizations have embraced coaching as a top priority;
  • Embedding a coaching culture doesn’t just happen; it requires top leadership commitment and goodwill;
  • The course provides you with structured technical support from credible coaching experts;
  • You access technical information and tools that you are not likely to get from any other source;
  • CDI- Africa is the only ICF Accredited professional coaching organization domiciled in Eastern Africa;
  • You get a competitive advantage that positions you strategically in 2016 and beyond.

COCC Program Curriculum: 6 Comprehensive Modules

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Core Topics Covered

A. Demystifying Professional Coaching;
B. Coaching Vs. Mentoring, Training, Counselling;
C. Overview of 11 ICF Universal Coaching Competencies;
D. Global Coaching Trends (and what it means for you);
E. Benefits of a Coaching Culture – The Strategic “Triple” Loop
F. Building a Solid Business Case for Coaching
G. The 6 Strategic Pillars of a Sustainable Coaching Culture

Bonus Info- Pack:
    • Hiring a Professional Coach – Key considerations
    • Professional Development Path of a Coach
    • Organizational Coaching needs for Different Levels