Certified Team Coach and Mentor (CTCM) Program

~Developing Internal Coaching Champions~


 This ICF approved course is specifically designed to equip mid-level managers with relevant coaching and mentoring knowledge, skills and tools which empower them to unlocking and unleashing employee potential at all levels and increase engagement and productivity. In addition, they become effective champions and agents of entrenching coaching and mentoring philosophy across the entire organization


Program Outcomes:

The participants are able to:

  • Develop their teams and unlock potential;
  • Nurture manager-employee relationships;
  • Inspire employee engagement, motivation and productivity;
  • Lead and manage simple and complex business changes;
  • Effectively manage inter-generational workforce;
  • Effectively cascade business priorities and organizational vision;
  • Help employees develop careers leading to retention and loyalty;
  • Ignite creativity and innovation across all levels for organizational competitiveness;
  • Effectively delegate to focus on strategic business matters;
  • Develop leadership pipeline for effective succession planning.

Quick Highlights of the CTCM Program…

Intended Participants and Prospective Niche Markets:

  • Low – mid level managers

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline;
  • People Management Experience;
  • Currently leading a team of not less than 5 direct/indirect reports;
  • At least 5 years’ of work experience.
  • Experience in different roles important but not mandatory.


  • 2 months

Total contact hours

  • 40 Hours including classes, off-site assignments and mentor- coaching sessions

International Rating

  • 30 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) with International Coach Federation (ICF)


Our Training Philosophy & Approach

  • Our training methodology is guided by the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics and standards of Ethical Conduct
  • All our trainers are accredited by the ICF and bound by ICF’s professional code of ethics.

Course Evaluation & Examination

  • Application Assessments (AA’s)
  • Coaching Proficiency Assessments (CPA’s)
  • 2 group mentor coaching hours
  • Coaching Project (Minimum 5 hours of coaching before ICF certification)

Program Calendar

  • This program is STRICTLY offered as an in-house course. Contact us to prepare a tailor-made calendar for your team.

Registration Deadline for Next Class

  • 30th July, 2018
Start Date

  • 7th August, 2018
Estimated End Date

  • 21st September 2018

Class size

  • Minimum Delegates = 10
  • Maximum Delegates = 20

Venue of classes

  • The client to provide

Training Language

  • Strictly English

Investment per Delegate

  • Kes. 295,000 (exclusive of 16% VAT)..
  • This covers tuition, learning materials, mentor coaching and examination. This does not include training venue and refreshments/meals.
  • Packages for large groups of delegates from the same organization (> 50) available at discounts.

Program Structure

The program consists of 3 Phases of a staggered blend of class-room learning and work-based coaching assignments as described below:

  • Phase 1 (LIVE class): 3 consecutive days of live training on professional workplace Coaching fundamentals
  • Phase 2 (REMOTE engagement): 45-60 days of supported implementation of the coaching ( and Mentoring) agenda at the workplace through structured work -based coaching assignments
  • Phase 3 (LIVE class): 1 day of live training on positioning and sustaining a coaching and mentoring culture

CTCM Program Curriculum: 3 Comprehensive Modules

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Module 1: Professional Coaching Fundamentals
  • Important Coaching Definitions, Principles and Coaching Philosophy;
  • Coaching vs Mentoring, Counselling, Consulting, Training;
  • Exposition of the ICF’s 11 Universal Core Coaching Competencies;
  • ICF Professional Code of Ethics;
  • Coaching Models and Frameworks
Module 2: Manager as a Coach and Mentor
  • Creating and Maintaining a Coaching-Friendly environment;
  • Earning the Right to Coach and Mentor;
  • Structuring Manager-Led Coaching (and mentoring) Conversations;
  • Aligning Coaching (and Mentoring) Agenda to the organizational Objectives.
Module 3: Building an Everyday Coaching (and Mentoring) Culture
  • Overcoming coaching (and Mentoring) Challenges and Barriers;
  • Measuring Coaching (and Mentoring) Results and Impacts;
  • Strategies for Success and Sustainability
Exactly what you receive: The Total Package + Bonuses

1. 4 days’ of group training (staggered over 4 months) to ensure an optimal blend of learning and practice;
2. COMPREHENSIVE Manuals and workbooks (one for each module);
3. 2 Mentor coaching hours to enhance your coaching proficiency as the ICF standards;
4. EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING – Practical work-based assignment review and feedback;
5. EXPRESS membership to our professional coaching Community of Practice (CoP);
6. UNLIMITED access to peer mentoring and support;
7. FREE resources and resource- list for further reading;
8. FREE 2 years access to our online platform to showcase your success and win industry and peer recognition;
9. ULTIMATE = International CTCM Credential – upon successful completion, you will earn your “Certified Team Coach and Mentor (CTCM) credential – with an ICF rating of 30 ACSTH;