Global Diploma: Executive Leadership Coaching

Global Diploma: Executive Leadership Coaching 

~ 10th Edition, May 2022 ~

A Premier Executive Leadership Coaching program for CEOs, MDs, Directors, Heads of divisions, and marketplace leaders seeking to multiply their leadership impact and legacy!

Next Registration Deadline Count Down

146Days 08Hours 23Minutes 50Seconds
Registration Deadline for Next Class  17th June 2022
Start Date for the Next Class  29th June 2022
Duration  Approx. 5 months
End Date October 2022

Why the Global Diploma: Executive Leadership Coaching Program?

With this credential, you are able to:

  • Support executives to overcome their everyday leadership challenges
  • Systematically develop future leadership pipeline for your organization
  • Prepare and implement a sustainable succession plan for your organization
  • Position yourself as an external provider of leadership coaching to organizations and emerging leaders (as a private Leadership Coach);
  • Integrate leadership coaching with your existing leadership training and development initiatives for greater impacts.

Quick Highlights of the Global Diploma: Executive Leadership Coaching Program…

Intended Participants:

  • CEO’s/ GM’s/ MD’s
  • Business Owners
  • Directors & Heads of Divisions
  • Aspiring External Providers of Leadership Coaching
  • Management Consultants / Leadership Trainers and Consultants
NB: Over 10 years leadership experience mandatory

Eligibility Criteria

  • An advanced degree most preferred but those with a Bachelor’s Degree plus additional professional qualifications are considered
  • Over 10 Years Work experience
  • Leadership experience mandatory
  • Genuine interest in people development

Total Contact Training Days

  • 3hr online Class, Once a week for 18-20 weeks

Private Coaching Sessions

  • 6 Hours of Personalized Executive Coaching + Observations

Interntional Accreditation & Rating

  • 70 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) by  International Coach Federation (ICF)
  1.  ICF-Accredited Global Certification –70ACSTH
  2.  Self-leadership Module
  3. People leadership Module
  4. Business Leadership Module
  5. 6 (six) hours of Personalized Executive Coaching
  6. 7 (seven) Group Mentor- Coaching Hours
  7. 360 Degrees Geno’s Emotional Intelligence Profile and Debrief
  8. Leading Color Energy Profile (Clarity 4D)
  9. Unlimited Peer-to- Peer Coaching
  10. Membership to CDI-Africa Human-centric Leadership Circle
  11. Eligibility to Global ICF Membership
  12. Eligibility to CDI-Africa’s Affiliate Program Membership
  13. Membership to CDI-Africa’s Global Coaching Hub

Our Training Philosophy & Approach

  • Our training methodology is guided by the International Coach Federation (ICF) standards and regulation
  • All our trainers are accredited by the ICF and bound by ICF’s Professional Code of Ethics.
  • The program is staggered with in-built learning support to enhance practice and mastery of coaching competencies

Course Evaluation & Examination

  • Structured  Coaching Application Assignments  (AA’s)
  • Coaching Proficiency Assessments (CPA’s)
  • Coaching Awareness Assignment  (CAA’s)
  • Coaching Project (Minimum 20 hours of coaching practice before examination)
  • At least 4 Group Mentor coaching hours
  • Completion and Peer review of  Capstone Project (Leadership Impact and Legacy)
  • Final Practical Coaching Exam

Training Venue

  • Online Training

Training Language

  • Strictly English

Class Size

  • Limited to a maximum of 16 Delegates (Strictly)

Your Investment

  • Kes.850,000 (exclusive of 16% VAT).  This fee covers the following:
    • This covers tuition, admin costs, project review, mentor coaching, ICF certification examination and graduation costs
    • Instalment Payment Plans: Available STRICTLY for self-sponsored students. Contact us for details

Training Calendar

  • 07 : 00Hrs – 10 : 00Hrs (GMT +3) – East Africa Time
  • Once a week, May – September 2022

The Global Diploma: Executive Leadership Coaching Curriculum – 4 Comprehensive Modules + Capstone Project

  1.  Definitions, History, Philosophical Pillars
  2. Coaching Vs. Mentoring, Counseling, Consulting & Training 
  3. Professional Code of Ethics and Ethical Conduct for Coaches
  4. Structuring Effective Coaching Conversations
  1. Global Coaching Models (Theory & Practice)
  2. Building a 360 Degrees Leadership Trust Account
  3. Co-creating Authentic Relationships
  4. Establishing C oaching Envir onment
  5. Mastering P resence – Strategies and Techniques
  6. Mastering Intentional Active Listening – Techniques for a Leader
  7. Leading with Questions to Unlock Greatness
  8. Mastering the art of Reframing, Feedback and Mental Imaging
  9. Coaching the Being and not Doing -Shifting of Beliefs, Perceptions and Mind-set
  10. Expanding Growth Horizons: Conscious Choices for Quantum Leaps
  11. Coaching Framework for Managing Progress and Accountability
  1. Designing a Comprehensive Coaching Management System
  2. Assessing Coaching Needs in the Leadership Context
  3. Establishing Leadership Coaching Plans and Contracts
A. Coaching for Self-Leadership:
  • Building & Positioning your Leadership Brand
  • Authentic Leadership Communication
  • Sustainable Leadership Wholeness
B. Coaching for People Leadership (Leading Others):
  •  Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration for Impact
  • Maximizing value of the Multi-generational Workforce
C. Coaching for Business Leadership:
  • Leading Strategy Execution in VUCA Context
  • Organizational Change Leadership
Leadership Legacy by Design:
  • Majoring on the Highest Possible Leadership Contribution
  • Application Assignments
  • 7 Group-Mentor Coaching Hours
  • Final Certification Audio Exam


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