Professional Coaching Services for Individuals

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Executive Coaching

Our executive coaches help senior leaders and executives manage their everyday business and personal challenges. You will love our executive coaching engagement process including pre-engagement briefing chemistry tests, your involvement in designing your own coaching program and the entire journey

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Leadership Development Coaching

We have renowned tailor-made/personalized leadership development coaching programs as well as periodic group coaching programs for those new in leadership positions or aspiring to become leaders who make a difference in organizations and society

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Career Development & Personal Branding

We mainly work with mid-level managers aspiring to move into senior leadership. We help them re-invent and re-brand themselves as well as develop the required executive demeanor required for the next level.

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Transition Coaching

We make even the seemingly most complex transitions stress-free! We support our clients making significant transitions (e.g. moving from formal employment to self-employment or and vice versa, transitioning to a new organization, retrenched etc) break down the journey and prepare their transition maps with most useful support systems.

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