Career Development & Personal Branding

…Professional Coaching Services for Individuals

We mainly work with mid-level managers aspiring to move into senior leadership. We help them re-invent and brand themselves as well as develop the required executive demeanor. Some of the questions that make our clients engage our coaches include:

1. I have done this long enough; what next?
2. Am I in the right job/ career/ organization?
3. Why am I stuck in this job/this organization?
4. Why do all these promotions pass me?
5. How come my resume does not get me interviews?
6. Why do I get invited for interviews for jobs that I don’t want?
7. How come no-one speaks to me after the interview?
8. How come I have invested so much in my education but not being paid commensurately?
9. How come my peers are so much ahead of me?
10. What does it take to get to the next level?
11. What really are my strengths?
12. What kind of opportunities should be pursuing?
13. … and much more

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    Our 5-Step Client Intake Process

    …for 1-on-1 Coaching Engagements

    1. Upon receipt of your request, you will be matched and assigned a professional certified coach based on your area of need
    2. The coach will request for specific intake information which may include a pre-engagement brief, CV, etc
    3. The coach will liaise with you a schedule a pre-engagement assessment session at a time convenient to both of you. The session help the coach delve deeper into your coaching need. Jointly with the coach, you will design a tailor-made coaching program specially for you;
    4. The coach will send you a proposal within 48 hours after the pre-engagement process for your review and approval.
    5. Upon your approval, the coach will draw a coaching agreement for you. The 2 of you will meet up to commission the engagement, agree on your coaching schedule and get started. Usually the schedule is 1 coaching session per week / biweekly or once a month. It will depend on your availability and the nature of the coaching program.

    Request for more details/Get yourself a Coach