Executive Coaching

…Professional Coaching Services for Individuals

Our executive coaches help senior executives manage their everyday business and personal challenges. Some of this may include:
1. Leading a change process
2. Building strategic and sustainable business
3. Sustainable Legacy building
4. Re-inventing their brand
5. Succession planning and building for the future
6. Stakeholder engagement and management
7. Positioning in a new role – managing own transition
8. Managing boardroom politics
9. Building strategic alliances and partnerships
10. Managing work-life balance equation
11. … and much more
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Our 5-Step Client Intake Process

…for 1-on-1 Coaching Engagements

1. Upon receipt of your request, you will be matched and assigned a professional certified coach based on your area of need
2. The coach will request for specific intake information which may include a pre-engagement brief, CV, etc
3. The coach will liaise with you a schedule a pre-engagement assessment session at a time convenient to both of you. The session help the coach delve deeper into your coaching need. Jointly with the coach, you will design a tailor-made coaching program specially for you;
4. The coach will send you a proposal within 48 hours after the pre-engagement process for your review and approval.
5. Upon your approval, the coach will draw a coaching agreement for you. The 2 of you will meet up to commission the engagement, agree on your coaching schedule and get started. Usually the schedule is 1 coaching session per week / biweekly or once a month. It will depend on your availability and the nature of the coaching program.

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