Professional Coaching Services for Organizations

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Executive Coaching for the Top Leadership (ExCo)

Strategic shifts in organizations start from the top. We offer team or personalized executive coaching services to members of senior leadership during such transformational seasons. Usually, we will start off with a structured pre-engagement briefing process by the sponsor, usually the HR director of the CEO/ MD. This briefing provides the strategic anchoring and also sets the success measurement indicators for the envisaged executive coaching engagement.

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    Performance Coaching

    When organizations are seeking to pursue unprecedented performance targets, we work with them to explore new horizons. We provide both 1 –on- 1 and team coaching on performance management, especially for team leaders where we sort of provide them with new lenses with which to view performance. Through a coaching Q-storming and reflection space that we provide, they are able to identify strategic actions that automatically impacts positively on performance.

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      Coaching for Change Management

      Organizations are constantly going through change. Some changes are minor while others are revolutionary. Our role is to help the leaders lead the change effectively and help the followers understand, appreciate and pursue change with clarity and conviction. We use various transition models to coach them through change and help them find ways to integrate such change in their everyday work.

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        Coaching on Leveraging on Generational Diversity (Especially Gen- Y)

        We are in an unprecedented season where we have more than 3 generations in the work-space. Each of those generations are different in terms of their value system, drivers, backgrounds, aspirations etc. This diversity can either be leveraged on or can become the source of in-fighting and conflict. We coach team leaders to be fully aware of the core generational diversity matters and how to leverage on that diversity to enhance teamwork, engagement and diversity.

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          Coaching for Team Engagement and Productivity

          Team Engagement has become one of the most sought after currency because it drives sustained high productivity. You can’t get the latter without the former. We coach team leaders to be able to understand the key engagement levers and use them to improve manager- employee relations as well as drive productivity.

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