Certificate in Performance Coaching (CPC)

…Coaching and Mentoring Programs for Organizations

Program Description

This is a 3 months’ training program on coaching, but with a special focus on performance coaching. This program suitable for those organizations/team leaders that would like to not only accelerate their performance to an unprecedented scale but also sustain it for a long period of time. The program is mainly offered as an in-house course and the group size range from 8 – 16 people for effective delivery and engagement.

Quick Highlights of the CPC Program…

Objective of the program

  • To help the team leaders accelerate and sustain team’s/ organization’s performance;
  • To help the team leaders create cohesive teams that are engaged, focused, and committed to the team’s goals and objectives;
  • To help team leaders maximize on diverse performance potential and talent

Program delivery Structure

  • 7 days’ staggered over a period of 4 months at a rate of 2 days every month (once every 2 weeks)
  • Practical work-based coaching assignments.
  • 1-on-1 coaching for all participating managers
  • Final performance coaching project
  • Coaching Journal submission
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    Program Curriculum – Core modules

    1. Coaching Fundamentals – definitions, coaching mindset, competencies;
    2. Framing Effective Coaching Conversations – Models, steps, processes;
    3. Creating and Sustaining the Right Coaching Environment;
    4. Strategies for Pursuing Manager-led coaching and Mentoring Conversations;
    5. Aligning Coaching and Mentoring Plans to Business Performance Priorities;
    6. Leveraging on coaching to manage the entire performance cycle:-
    • Establishing KPI’s (performance metrics)
    • Managing employee expectations and attaining engagement and psychological contracting
    • Aligning and monitoring and measure results
    • Managing performance feedback and communication
    • Managing performance inconsistencies
    • Diagnosing and manage under-performance
    • Managing exceptional performance & key talent
    7. Measuring Performance Coaching Results
    8. Performance coaching project and journals
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