Internal Coaching Activator (ICA) Series

…Coaching and Mentoring Programs for Organizations

Program Description

This is a progressive series of 1–day workshops starting with coaching fundamentals and progressively focusing on periodic themes that are important to your organization. The program is strictly offered as an in-house course and the group size range from 8 – 16 people for effective delivery and engagement.

This program is suitable for organizations that:

  • Has teams that are crunched for time but would like to start embedding the coaching culture in a progressive manner;
  • Have a limited budget but are committed to exposing your managers to the basic coaching skills for use at work every day;
  • Want to start small and get people’s full buy-in and conviction about coaching approach before investing in a full scale coaching program.
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    Structure of the ICA series

    1. The Starter Series – We start off with this standard foundation piece that demystifies coaching and demonstrates to the managers the power of coaching approach at the workplace. The 1 day starter series comprises of:-

    • Coaching definition and philosophy;
    • Coaching Benefits (for managers, employees and organization);
    • Priority coaching skills for mangers;
    • Steps to an effective coaching session;
    • Creating a coaching friendly environment;
    • Situational Vs. scheduled coaching conversations;
    • Initiating and holding difficult coaching conversations;
    • The ABC (Always Be Coaching) principles;
    2. Advanced Progressive Series – Upon completion of the “Starter Series” with your team, the progressive 1-day series are usually self-designed. You lead the process by articulating to us what is the most important coaching focus for your team and/or your organization. Jointly with you, we design a day’s program specifically targeted to what matters most to you! Some of the advanced series include:-

    • Coaching for performance;
    • Coaching for change;
    • Coaching for leadership development;
    • Coaching for talent management;
    • Coaching for career development;
    • Coaching for generational diversity;
    • Coaching for succession planning, etc.
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