Leader as a Coach and Mentor (LCM) Program

…Coaching and Mentoring Programs for Organizations

Program Description

This program provides your managers with the most essential coaching and mentoring skills that they need at work every day, and in the most practical manner. The program is mainly offered as an in-house course and the group size range from 8 – 16 people for effective delivery and engagement.

Quick Highlights of the CPC Program…

Objective of the program

To help the team leaders /managers appreciate and are able to apply coaching and mentoring approaches and tools to:

  • Enhance leader-employee communication and relationships
  • Unlock and unleash employee potential and talent
  • Inspire teams to pursue the organization’s vision with zeal
  • Build a high performance culture
  • Effectively manage day to day HR responsibility throughout employee life cycle
  • Manage, develop and retain critical talent
  • Ignite innovation and enhances competitiveness
  • Develop a succession plan to support business growth and sustainability

Program delivery Structure

The program is offered in 2 options:-

Option 1: 4 Days’ Accelerated Workshop (4 consecutive days)
Option 2: 5 days’ staggered over a period of 10-12 weeks at a rate of 2 days every month (once every 2 weeks). This is a more detailed option which includes:-

  • Virtual support via an online learning platform
  • Submission and review of work-based assignments
  • 1-on-1 coaching for the participating managers

Group size – Min. 8 people; Maximum 16 people

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    Program Curriculum – Core modules

    1. Workplace Coaching and Mentoring Fundamentals – definitions, coaching mindset, competencies;
    2. Framing Effective Coaching Conversations – Models, steps, processes;
    3. Creating and Sustaining the Right Coaching Environment;
    4. Classification of Workplace Coaching/Mentoring Needs;
    5. Strategies for Pursuing Manager-led coaching and Mentoring Conversations;
    6. Managing Difficult Coaching Conversations;
    7. Aligning Coaching and Mentoring Plans to Business Priorities;
    8. Measuring Coaching and Mentoring Results;
    9. Strategies for Every Day Coaching.

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