Global Leadership & Coaching Index System

A revolutionary system that measures and scales coaching effectiveness for leaders and organizations.

The Global Coaching Index (GCI) System

The Global Coaching Index (GCI) is an ecosystem comprising of 3 Assessments and 2 Training programs that are approved an accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). These components are all anchored on the (ICF) Core Coaching Competency Model (2019). The ICF model is universal amongst all ICF affiliated coaches, leaders and organizations in the world, making the GCI language and nomenclature relevant and valid to all the intended stakeholders and users. Premised on this global model, Eileen Laskar developed the coaching competency framework for leaders comprising of 6 pillars and 30 measurable dimensions. These pillars and dimensions are the building blocks for the entire GCI system.
Leadership & Coaching Index

The Leader Coaching Index (LCI) assessment provides every leader with a metric for their coaching disposition – the mindset, language, posture, capabilities, and behaviors. The leader can then determine their strengths and opportunities for growing their coaching capability to maximize their leadership effectiveness.

Team Leadership & Coaching Index

The Team Coaching Index (TCI) assessment provides a cumulative metric on the coaching index of a specific leadership team/cluster within an organization. This assessment determines the leadership team’s strengths and opportunities for growth.

Organizational & Leadership & Coaching Index

The Organization Coaching Index (OCI) assessment is a cumulative metric for leaders in an organization that helps establish, monitor, and grow the coaching index of the entire organization. Further, it gives an indication of the extent to which coaching has been entrenched in an organization.

About the GCI System Author & Developer


Eileen Laskar, ICF-MCC

Founder & CEO, CDI-Africa Coaching Group

Eileen Laskar is the Founder and President of CDI-Africa Coaching Group. She became the first (and is still the only) ICF-Credentialled Master Certified Coach (MCC) in the broader East and Central Africa. She therefore serves in the league of the top 15 highest qualified coaches in Africa and top 1500 coaches globally. 

Relevance and Validity of the Global Coaching Index (GCI) System

The Global Coaching Index Assessments and Trainin programs are all anchored on the International Coaching Federation (ICF) global coaching model (2019), with a special tweak to specifically address the priority coaching skills for leaders (based on CDI-Africa Coaching Group’s coaching competency framework for leaders which has 6 pillars and 30 measurable dimensions). The 6 pillars include:


  1. Leader’s Coaching Foundation
  2. Leader’s Trust Account
  3. Leader’s Presence for Active Listening
  4. Leader’s Capacity to Inspire Insight Creativity and Innovation
  5. Leader’s Ability to Facilitate Learning and Multiply Leaders
  6. Leader’s Ability to Scale Performance